Profile- Ahmed Farid

Ahmed Farid is Chairman & CEO of MBF Investments. Mr Farid worked for more than 20 years within the National Commercial Bank (NCB) group, most recently as Chief Executive Officer of NCB Capital, the investment and asset management arm of NCB. Previously, Mr. Farid was Head of Asset Management and also had direct responsibility for the Brokerage and Investment Banking divisions. Mr. Farid also served as Treasurer with overall responsibility for the bank’s liquidity, investments, interest rate and exchange risk on the bank’s balance sheet of over $50-billion. He started his career with NCB in London as a futures trader, high yield bond analyst and portfolio manager and worked at Bank of America and Chase Investors for two years in New York before being appointed as the Treasurer for NCB London. Mr. Farid is also the chairman of Saudi Tunisian Bank, and a board member of Saudi Hollandi Bank. Mr. Farid obtained an MBA in Finance from the University of Stirling, United Kingdom.